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the "Cancel Edit Save" Banner covers up formulas

Go Calc is not functional as the "Cancel Edit Save" Banner covers up formulas and fields making the Go Calc unusable.

Love the app. Please update.

I have been using this app for years. Use for work on a weekly basis. The last update seem to have created an issue. I can no longer edit a formula because the top header bar cover the equations. This also stops me from creating new calculators. Please update correcting this issue. Using 1st gen iPad mini. I would easily give this app 5 stars if I could edit and create calculators again. Please fix and thank you!

So glad they keep updating GoCalc - great app

Every time there’s an IOS update, I have a few apps that have been abandoned by developers and won’t work with the new OS. Most I wouldn’t care about or could easily replace — but not GoCalc. I’m always relieved when it still works, because I use it nearly every day. Still awesome. I started simple, adding cooking conversions I use a lot. Then I added a few design conversions. But it turned into a mission-critical app when I created a set of formulas for all my estimating and billing. I'm not good at math, but by using the built-in apps as examples, and a little trial and error, I got them all working. Saves HOURS on these time-consuming tasks! Love being able to email the results to save with the paperwork. Would give it 5 stars if you had the option to clear all variables at once, and if you could duplicate an entire calculation to use as a base for a new one.

Really useful!

Would be even better if I could copy a calculator so I wouldn't have to re-enter all the formulas just to change one thing.


I though the dev had abandon this app, this is the first update in three years!! I can't live without this app!!! Great work!!!

Phenomenal App

This is among my favorite apps. It is a useful tool that allows me to program some quick calculations that I use often. Calculations can include typical mathematical functions used in engineering and science. I'm sure more functions will be made available, if the demand is there. I tip my hat to the creators of this app. Nice job...!!!

The App I've been looking far!

Awesome app to build your own calculator. I perform simple daily mineral leasing calculations and with this app I was able to build a custom mineral calculator.

Terrific App, Very Flexible

This is one of those 'swiss army knife' applications for almost all of your custom calculating needs. Set up your formulas, enter your data and have your answers! I think the only things that it does not do are matrices or arrays, but I am not sure there is an easy answer for those. Also, it sure would be nice to have a iPad sized version. Scientific notation would be great as well.

One of My Most Used Apps

I use this app nearly every day for scuba gas blending. It saves a huge amount of time and reduces input errors when working with long equations. For its intended use, it is much simpler to use on the iPhone than trying to navigate around a tiny spreadsheet app. The developer has delivered timely updates and continues to add functionality. I recommend it to anyone that needs to do repetitive computations while away from a computer.

Almost Perfect

This app has made my job so much easier and almost fun. The only thing missing is the ability to email the results.

Incredible Tool

I am not one to write reviews but this app is incredible. I work in the Road Construction industry and have not found anything close to this app. It allows you to tweak specific equations and create them specific to your information needed. I actually use this for quick calculations without firing up one spreadsheet. Nice work!

Great app!

Once the formulas are entered in a great time saver. So far up to seven variables with multiple different answers off them. My only complaint is you cannot use brackets in an equation, only parenthesis. This can become extremely confusing when you have four or five parenthesis in an equation.

A fantastic app once you find a purpose for it

I admit that I didn't immediately find a reason to own this app, but once I found uses for it it became indispensible. It is expertly designed (as is the developer's other app, Trunk Notes) and works flawlessly. I am very impressed. The only things I'd like to see is a way to import/export calculators and the ability to create a new calculator based on an existing design.

Great app

Very unique concept. It has unlimited potential for uses. I like it alot.

Book Seller

I have several elaborate pricing formulas that I use at work. None is complex, but each involves a number of time-consuming steps. I was able to enter each formula into Go Calc. Now, I can quickly adjust two simple numbers, my price and my markup, and Go Calc will immediately go through all the calculations and give me a suggested price. The app works flawlessly. It was exactly what I was looking for. I love it.


I'm always in need of the functionality provided by this application. One example has to do with walking distance as calculated by many of the gps applications. Most gps apps provide distance, but don't seem to calculate it correctly if you are going up hill - even though they should be able to by combining the distance with the altimeter. With this simple app, I can create a formula such that base=gps distance, angle=whatever the up or down angle is, and then do "actual distance = base/cos(radian(angle)) and have the result - quickly and easily. I could probably even create a formula to calculate actual calories burned based on the up and down angle. Likewise with interest calculation... and I didn't even have to write the formula because it is already built in. The spin-wheels make it easy to access functions (like the radians, and cos used above) and the built-in functions are ones that are commonly used. Variables can be made and saved and then used in other functions. That's really handy. Well worth the price. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I haven't used it long enough to find out if it had any real problems.

Great App.

This is amazing. You can create programs to solve anything you need to and store them. Nice.

Excellent product

I'm amaze with this little piece of software. If you need to create your own formulas this is for you. It can give you as many results as you want based on the same variables. The only cons I found is that the sliders didn't work so fine in my Ipod Touch. But this really doesn't affect me. Good Jon

Quick, convenient and just plain fun to use....

This app makes it very easy to program and use your own formula based calculations. The interface is very intuitive and new formulae are easy to enter and recall. By far this app qualifies as the best $2.99 I have ever spent.


Awsome I see this type of functionality as the future in calculators. And it's here today. I made a fuel savings formula and electricity watt cost savings formula so far. Wish I hadent bought a gas savings app and waited for this. My only downer is I wish the boxes to fill in were below their titles because as is you have to keep the titles of the fill boxes short or the full title doesn't display.

Great App

This app is great for creating custom calculations. There are other unit converters out there that contain more conversion types (such as currency), which this app does not have, but none of them allow for the creation of custom calculations, which is where this app shines. I'm not taking any stars off for the lack of currency conversion, but I would like to see it added (along with the ability to update the current rates of exchange for each country). This app gets five stars just for the ability to create custom conversions quickly and easily and for the recent update that added a few features (like calculation notes and the ability to email the result of a calculation, both of which are great).

Great concept, excellent developer!!

Interesting use of the iphone capabilities....very useful!!!!

Finally a TVM app

Very nice application. I wish there were more examples in the help to guide those of us that need to build other formulas. It would also be nice if there were a date function to insert into formulas.

Wonderful App

I love this app! I am a pipe fitter and I've been looking for a way to program various layout problems into my phone. Go Figure is perfect. I wish there were a way to go from decimals to fractions, and I wish there were a way to change my mind about the the order/grouping/organization of the formulas. But other than a few minor details, this is the best app ever as far as I'm concerned. Thank you!

Very Powerful

With the newest release, this app is very powerful. The process of setting up calculations is easy and fairly straight forward. I have a calculation to figure the volume of a fish tank along with water weight, and with Go Figure, all I have to do is punch in HxWxD and the app will figure all my needs for me!!! Good work putting this program together. ONE small issue I found, when I downloaded the latest version, all my customized calculations where wiped out and I had to start all over:(

scientific notation for numbers is needed

A good application. However it does not support a scientific notation for very large and very small numbers, like 9.1e-28 (the electron mass in grams). Developers, please include this feature and the app will be a 5-star one.


The new update (1.2 on Sept 12, 2008) allows you to use lots of math and statistical functions. I created several functions that make it easier to interpret logistic regression results, and it works like a charm! I don't think people realize how convenient and customizable this great application is.

Import Feature Request

How about an import Feature, iPhone keeps crashing and there is no way to restore data.

Great but...

Only problem is lack of significant digits on speed. Otherwise it's a great app. Thanks and keep up the good work. Can't wait until the next update!

Very Useful!

This app is very useful, well worth the 4.99 I paid. I have added a TON of my own formulas...I calculate drug doses all day, so this will make my life a lot easier! I'm looking forward to future updates...the website says more is coming. Thanks!

Great app, thanks

Lite was good, this is great. Can't wait for the updates.

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